Thing 21: Hit me baby one more time!

With the movie adaptation of the book ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ coming to theatres soon, you might be creatively misreading the blog title. Hits were a big thing for a long time. It spanked a mark (pun intended) of superiority as the hit counter one’s blog kept increasing. However, I am glad that Thing 21 has pointed out that

someone has visited your page doesn’t automatically mean that they have read it – they may have clicked away without reading or watching anything. What if someone accesses the page from their computer and then their mobile phone? They may be recorded as two different visitors unless the site requires you to log in.

As for my blog, I was most popular when we started (14 views on 29th Sep). People probably were curious who I was or maybe mistakenly thought I was someone they knew. But then again, I made sure my blog title in Moodle was Sarkkunan’s blog and not something cryptic. However, I am glad actually because the 14 views was due to 8 people viewing my page 1.75 times which means that my post probably made them think and then they cam to reread it or follow me as an afterthought. I know for a fact that my blog would have been more popular if I had followed more people (and they would follow you in return because it is courteous) or cross-posted with Twitter or had a face pic to humanize my blog so that it is lesser outerworldly (but you cannot help that when you are trying to transcend yourself to finish your thesis proposal). Well these would definitely be something I will be doing in the near future 🙂

As for my Moodle footprint, it is quite understandable and I think most of the other participants would have the largest number of hits for doing the combined Things 14 and 15. My hit counter shows that it hit the roof on the 9th November because being a procrastinator/ last-min-worker (like now) I had done both of the things on that day. So in that way, it would show students and lecturers graphically what the students’ work habits are. Actually the outline report is more useful, because it shows the ‘hits’ for the parts in each Thing. This way you can check whether the student actually accessed all the information or just picked and chose to just complete the task assigned. Guilty as charged 🙂 Well I really hope there is no way to track whether we just read the abstract/summary or the whole journal paper/book before we cite them in our thesis. Then everyone would probably take twenty times longer to complete their PhD.


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