Thing 17 – Noted with thanks

The notebook structure uses word searches, folders and even tags. It is very useful in finding stored information. Unfortunately, it does not feel like a notebook to me if it I don’t have the freedom to write or draw – like int he use of pen and paper. The downside to pen and paper is that it is not as searchable because I do not know of an OCR that is able to recognise my writing and hence it also makes it difficult to edit. This is not to say that I am not excited about Evernote. I am keen to explore it but I doubt it will satisfy my needs.

Currently I use iWork’s Numbers which gives me an advantage of tables as well as allowing me a mindmap kind of space to move the tables around. When I put it in tables they serve sort of like folders and if I really needed tags (which might happen when I have done enough literature review), I could simply add another column to ‘tag’ it.

In fact, I think this planner may be more useful to uncomplicate my already simple life 🙂


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