Thing 16 – Going with the Flow (Proquest)

I had started with Reforks because the University subscribed to it. This led to me trying out Flow which is also by Proquest. It is new and they slowly adding features to it e.g the latest has been highlighting the PDF file within Flow. Actually I was very excited by Readcube when I saw their product feature. It is so cool but I stuck with Flow because it felt safer since UoA subscribes to it.

But I don’t think I use it as efficiently as I should because I have witnessed how my PhD mate in the office uses it. He adds references, cites, highlights and continues with his proposal seamlessly. You can constantly hear him typing away without much pauses because he uses his reference manager so well that the information is literally on his fingertips.

For me, I am just glad now that I have a spot to place my references and the PDF files back up into my Dropbox. But as I labour over my thesis proposal, I find myself just typing out the citations without using the tool. At moments, I think an Excel File might be sufficient for me to collect my references. Would that also constitute me keeping up with the digital world?

Thing 16 has something about Quickcite. I will check it out soon (after completing the proposal. Ironic).


2 thoughts on “Thing 16 – Going with the Flow (Proquest)

  1. Hey! I’m Nicky, the Community Manager for Flow, and I used it to write my dissertation earlier this year. If you’d like any tips or just want to talk about how to make the tool work better for you, I’d be happy to help. I’m at first name dot last name at proquest dot com.


    1. Wow. Thanks for extending the invitation. It would be easier if it was possible to cut from the PDF document on Flow and paste to a word document too. Even better if it links back to the location on the PDF if I clicked on it.

      Just a lofty wish because I don’t think other reference managers offer this. Anyway Proquest Flow is very useful as it is 🙂


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