Thing 10: Blog – the curated person

Before the weekend, I had already made up my mind to link to the following blog post but the body only synchronised to complete the thought now 🙂

I have heard Vicki in person during the Student Seminar where the audience applauded her on her clear explanations of abstract concepts. Her blog aggregates and elevates with ease by giving examples that are easy to understand. The blog post is an extension on the aspect of assemblages which is relevant to my thesis which is on embodied learning. Just like assemblages, embodied learning occurs through entanglements with the body. My thought accedes to the following statement from her blog post.

Learning can thus be seen the result of the impact of bodies affecting other bodies. In other words learning and knowing are seen to take place as one body immerses itself in another and is changed by the interaction.

A question strikes me as I complete my blog post. Aren’t blogs and the social media a curation of a person no matter how many photographs or video you put on it? It will never be able to be more complete than knowing the physical person. You understand the entanglements when you interact with the body, be it a conversation, handshake, hug or a kiss. That is why lately I take offence when the word ‘body’ is used in replacement of ‘dead body’. It is not normal to start a conversation with a (dead) body or even hug or kiss it. But then again there are different levels of eroticism which will not be curated in this blog.


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