Thing 8 : LinkedIn and ennobled by Academia but not looking for new clothes

I had set up a LinkedIn account a very long time ago and cannot remember the reasons now. I don’t use it at all and quite impressed that I actually have a photo on it. That reminds me that I need to get rid of the egg on my Twitter. Back to LinkedIn. This year, I had been thinking that the endorsement system is superficial and people don’t take it seriously. It also did not make sense to me because you have to choose the skills and expertise from a list and there is not facility to create your own (although I can imagine how it could be abused). On the other hand, I have gained a certain affinity towards after reading the weblinks on 23Things. The idea of Open Access and how it aims to link and free knowledge is noble.

Nonetheless both are self-advertisements. The users want to make sure that their contact list are people of credibility. This follows the adage “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” Lately, I have also realised that you can advertise what you read on LinkedIn too. Most of them are business related or productivity tips. Somehow I feel that if or when I have a successful ‘killer’ portfolio, I will only show the reading to links I want others to see because they would probably judge it back to my profile. Although the emperor realised that he was naked, he had to proudly complete the procession in his ‘new clothes’.

I prefer websites and sub-anonymity. For me sustaining this blog will be more important than LinkedIn or starting an Academia account.


2 thoughts on “Thing 8 : LinkedIn and ennobled by Academia but not looking for new clothes

  1. I agree about the endorsements. I have been endorsed for things by people who only know that I do those things indirectly – they know I “do it” but they don’t really know how well. For some endorsements I wonder if they are new to LinkedIn and just trying out what they can do, or whether they want a return endorsement. None of them are because they have recently worked with me and they were impressed by my skills. So although I know we are supposed to promote ourselves, there has to be a limit somewhere. “Kaore te kumara e korero mo tona reka”


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