Fed up and ready for a proper feed (Thing 5)

I use bookmarks to ‘organise’ my online reading. But it lacks routine.

Tonnes of bookmarks which I happily lose by formatting my harddisk, reinstalling software or changing the browser (without bringing over the bookmarks).

Maybe it is not ‘bookmarks’ when I use it because I never return to the website again after bookmarking. Many unfinished books on my non-virtual table too.

Thanks for introducing Feedly 🙂 I am going to begin with the new books at our uni library.

Oh man! I am going to need more bookmarks.


One thought on “Fed up and ready for a proper feed (Thing 5)

  1. Hey, glad you enjoyed the Feedly tip! Like most tools, I find that the more I use them the more they make sense. Using a feed manager has stopped me from compulsively browsing all of my favourite newspaper, magazine and journal sites. Now the news comes to me!
    One thing I’d also noticed was that my social networks – Facebook walls, Twitter Streams, LinkedIn updates, were all getting very noisy recently with updates. So I stripped out all of the sites I’ve ‘liked’ or ‘followed’ and add these to the reader as well. So now my social networks only contain the few individuals that I’m truly interested in following or hearing from.
    Anyway, hope you find it useful!


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