The Cartesian i

The dualism idea is perpetuated in the i, the form that seperates the head from the body.

How ubiquitously the mind-body problem had seeped into our education system, where schools seperate education of the physical from education.

Why the i in iPhone or iPad? Am I to take a less important form from the device?

As the digital devices augment human existence, the body cannot be denied its primal role.

Even bold, i look insignificant.


Social media – Here I come!

This will officially be the first blog that belongs to me.

Many years ago, I had started a few blogs to manage announcements and discussion for different groups of students. Most had a total of less than 10 entries the whole year and they all ceased to exist once they lost their function.

I have always tapped on social media belonging to others to learn and understand.

I use this opportunity to start a blog now to serve a conduit for others to tap into my thoughts and existence. Finally I feel that I have things to say that might be of use and interest to others 🙂

The only question is what happens when that stops.